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Resources and tools for PHC advocacy

COVID-19 Messaging Materials Toolkit

Foundational messages about how and why stakeholders can—and must—center PHC as a key component of the COVID-19 response.

PHCPI Community of Practice Community

Share experiences, stories, tools, approaches and resources via the digital community of practice.

Primary Sources Blog

Voices of practitioners and others on the front lines of PHC who are working tirelessly to keep this pandemic at bay and to continue to deliver essential health care

What We're Reading PHCPI Newsletter

Stay up to date on the latest from PHCPI with our What We're Reading newsletter.

Spread the Word Social Media Toolkit

Use our social media toolkit to spread the word on why strong primary health care and better data matter.

PHC resources for advocates Resources

Read other resources to learn more about strong primary health care and how you can make it a reality in your country.

Linking PHC to Global Health Challenges and Goals Advocacy Guide

Addressing today’s global health challenges requires building strong and resilient health systems, especially at the PHC level, that can address people’s diverse health needs at every stage of life.