Astana +2: Stronger with PHC

In 2018, world leaders endorsed the Declaration of Astana, marking their commitment to strengthening primary health care (PHC) as the cornerstone of resilient health systems and the most effective pathway towards health for all. The COVID-19 crisis has made fulfilling these commitments even more urgent: we need strong health systems that can prevent, detect and respond to infectious disease outbreaks, while ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to equitable, high-quality care at every stage of life. 

Our #StrongerwithPHC campaign strives to renew the world's commitment to PHC as the foundation of health systems that keep people healthy and safe.

Hear from our partners: we can be #StrongerwithPHC

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights

Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights

Asaf Bitton -- Astana +2 Launch

Ariadne Labs

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: CHESTRAD


Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Community Health Impact Coalition

Community Health Impact Coalition

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Evidence for Action MamaYe

E4A MamaYe project, Options Consultancy Service Ltd.

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: European Forum for Primary Care

European Forum for Primary Care

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Friends of the Global Fight

Friends of the Global Fight

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: George Institute

The George Institute for Global Health

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: The Global Fund

The Global Fund

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Global Health Corps

Global Health Corps

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: GLIDE

Global Institute for Disease Elimination

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: GNP+

Global Network of People Living with HIV

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: JHPIEGO, Indonesia


Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: JHPIEGO, NISHTHA

Jhpiego, NISHTHA

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Living Goods

Living Goods

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: PATH


Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: The George Institute for Global Health India

Primary Health Care Research Consortium

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: R4D

Results for Development

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: Speak Up Africa

Speak Up Africa

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: UNICEF


Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: WACI Health

WACI Health

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: White Ribbon Alliance

White Ribbon Alliance

Astana +2 #StrongerwithPHC: WONCA


PHCPI’s Leadership on Astana+2 and COVID-19 Commentary

Read a new joint commentary from PHCPI leaders from UNICEF, the World Bank, WHO, the Gates Foundation, Results for Development & Ariadne Labs on why delivering on Astana is more urgent than ever.

#StrongerwithPHC Toolkit Social Media Toolkit

Add your voice to the #StrongerwithPHC campaign and recommit to the promise of Astana.

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