Strong Primary Health Care is the Foundation of Strong Health Systems

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The PHC Vital Signs provide a snapshot of primary health care performance and enable country benchmarking.

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Data Insight: Primary Health Care Spending

Why is it important for countries to track and understand primary health care spending? 

Critical shortages of personnel and data jeopardize primary health care systems

A Global shortage of 7 million health workers puts primary health care at greatest risk.

Data Insight: Drug availability an essential component of effective primary health care systems

In order for providers and parents to administer appropriate treatment, the essential medicines must be available in the first place.

Primary Health Care: The Path to Universal Health Coverage

Ariana Childs Graham, Director of the Primary Healthcare Initiative at PAI, shares her thoughts on PHC as the foundation of UHC. 

The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) supports countries to improve primary health care.

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